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HogoFogo bistro

We’ve been writing our story since 2015… together with you. In a beautiful old house, a charming garden, and relaxed, casual atmosphere in the vibrant heart of Ostrava. Spiced with a pinch of courage and a drop of wit, we thrive on making food and drink with a modern twist for a unique experience. We simply love making people happy.

Our divine team

HogoFogo bistro Ostrava
Terka: a member of the founding pack, a super creative head chef, and an ocean-loving surfer who, in her spare moments, claims the mountains and stuffs herself with fried cheese and tartar sauce.
Petr Jonáš
PÍtr: another member of the founding pack and one of the big bosses. Bartender and head waiter with Italian wit, a sophisticated janitor, and the biggest heartthrob.
Zuzka – big boss and ruler of the kitchen and like another million things on the Hogo Planet. Lover of Sicilian pastries, Ceylonese tuk-tuk, and over-sweetened americano - everything sweet in general.
Pavel – such a pig pack we have, and Pavel is yet another founding hound, every inch a party man and a fabulous chef with a charismatic hairstyle.
Eva Horvátová
Eva – always with a bright smile, a joint partner in mischief, a lover of wine cellars, rock music, sunny beaches, and a devil’s ride in her fancy BMW.
Denisa – a chef through and through, easy-going and absolutely unstoppable in everything she does. She is really into tattoos, seaside&sunshine, food, and good people.
Our divine team