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About us

We’ve been writing our story since 2015… together with you. In a beautiful old house, a charming garden, and relaxed, casual atmosphere in the vibrant heart of Ostrava. Spiced with a pinch of courage and a drop of wit, we thrive on making food and drink with a modern twist for a unique experience. We simply love making people happy.

HogoFogo is a reflection of us and is our second home. With a clear vision, built of enthusiasm, and supported by our families, friends, and kind guests, we’ve breathed new life into the oldest house on Sokolská Street with care, creativity, and our bare hands. We have a deep and abiding respect for our craft and the people who create it with us, both our team and our guests.

Hogo means energy, a casual atmosphere, and lovely people.
Hogo means local, fresh, top quality, playful, and sensual.
Hogo is an adventure of love, respect, passion, and all of our hearts.

Welcome to Hogo.