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Our divine team

Terka: a member of the founding pack, a super creative head chef, and an ocean-loving surfer who, in her spare moments, claims the mountains and stuffs herself with fried cheese and tartar sauce.
Petr Jonáš
PÍtr: another member of the founding pack and one of the big bosses. Bartender and head waiter with Italian wit, a sophisticated janitor, and the biggest heartthrob.
Pavel – such a pig pack we have, and Pavel is yet another founding hound, every inch a party man and a fabulous chef with a charismatic hairstyle.
Zuzka – big boss and ruler of the kitchen and like another million things on the Hogo Planet. Lover of Sicilian pastries, Ceylonese tuk-tuk, and over-sweetened americano - everything sweet in general.
Eva Horvátová
Eva – always with a bright smile, a joint partner in mischief, a lover of wine cellars, rock music, sunny beaches, and a devil’s ride in her fancy BMW.
Denisa – a chef through and through, easy-going and absolutely unstoppable in everything she does. She is really into tattoos, seaside&sunshine, food, and good people.
Martin – this guy just knows his stuff. Hospitality is a lifestyle for him, and he is not gonna let you leave unless you are on cloud nine. When off, he thinks about the job anyway, tastes wine, and hangs around the cemetery (!).
Zlata – punctilious workmate who never sleeps in, but outside work leads a life on the edge. She loves chlebičky (read flat sandwiches) with potato salad and hates sweets, which is a bit weird, but we love her anyways.
Klára – self-confidently funny and charming lover of the gastronomic world and especially of wine and especially champagne. Our globetrotter likes to haul broths and good food, and she also travels for magnificent meals and isn't afraid to spend her entire paycheck on it.
Petr – is the sweetest man and chef who ever walked the earth. Discovering various places on Earth is his hobby, and when he gets to the seaside, he just drops everything (yes, everything) and jumps right in. Obviously, he loves cooking and living his life to the fullest. But beware! He's one of the good guys, and not many are left.
Yuri is an irrepressible individual and, above all, a very talented chef with pretty decent musical taste and not-so- decent humor. He is fond of traveling, cooking, and trolling his co-workers.
Patrik is a waiter with Italian charm and never-ending respect for Calvin Klein. He loves food and even more food. He could be an ambassador of fortune and a hypothetical commentator on fictional sports games.